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Library Services FAMU
  • Lending outside the library (only for registered users)
  • books, textbooks

Daily attendance (for all users according to the library's capacity):

  • magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias and dictionaries, textbooks etc. on open shelves
  • special documents
  • theses

List of theses can be found in digital repository, DSpace AMU system

Other services:

  • reference
  • information
  • consultation
  • research or bibliography
  • information on online resources

Photocopying on FAMU:

A self service machine for copying, printing and scanning (working with ISIC cards) is located at the front of the library.

What the system allows:

 Black and white, color, single-sided and double-sided printing, copying and scanning up to 50 sheets of A4 or A3 from the ADF.


CZK 1.20 for 1 page A4 - black and white one-sided copying or printing

CZK 4.00 for 1 page A4 - color single-sided copying or printing.

Prices for A3 are doubled, as well as for two-sided printing. Double-sided color copies A3 would therefore cost 16 CZK.

All scanning is free.


If you set the duplex copying in a situation where the original is double-sided but has one side, a copy of the blank side is calculated as a copy and charged.

If you set the color mode to black and white original (copy), or print file is included the price of color printing.

Terms of use system:

  • Valid card (Standard, ISIC, ITIC)
  • Charged financial credit

Location of the APM

APM for depositing money (to add credit to card) is located on the ground floor of the Rector's Office (Malostranské náměstí 12) next to the gatehouse.

Printing machines are installed here 

  • HAMU Academy of Music - 1st floor in front of Computer Centre
  • DAMU Academy of Performing Arts - 1st floor in front of the library
  • FAMU - 1st floor in front of the library

Recharge Account:

Add a card at APMs AMU to identify. APM (Automatic Payment Machine) accepts banknotes - 100 and 200 CZK and coins - 10, 20 and 50 CZK.

Payment is immediately registered in the database.