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FAMU Admissions FAQs

FAMU Admissions FAQs


1. What should I do if I am not a citizen of the Czech Republic and want to study in a FAMU programme in Czech?

All parts of the entrance examination take place in Czech without an interpreter; a condition of participation in the entrance examination is therefore your active knowledge of Czech at least at level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL), although individual departments may, in accordance with their own admission requirements, set a higher minimum level, e.g. the Department of Scriptwriting and Dramaturgy and the Department of Production require active knowledge of Czech at level C2. For the sake of your own learning, your starting active knowledge of Czech at least at level B2 is a prerequisite (unless the relevant department requires a higher level of language competence). Thus, if you have mastered Czech at least at level B2 upon commencing studies at the start of the relevant academic year (the beginning of October), it can be assumed that you will be able to meet the linguistic demands of studying in Czech. If, at the time of submitting your application (November of the previous year), you have mastered Czech only at level B1, it is necessary that you – if accepted – improve your Czech to the required level, B2, by the start of the academic year (i.e. within about ten months). You will find information on the procedure for submitting applications, on documenting your current level of proficiency in Czech, and on the manner in which this will be verified if you are admitted on the FAMU website under “Basic information on admission requirements” in the “Accessibility of programmes” section. Please direct any other questions to the FAMU Department of Academic Affairs (Studijní oddělení) after studying the obligatory instructions published here.

2. How and when can I apply?

You can apply using an application generated from an electronic form on the FAMU website (not the SEVT form). The electronic application form is accessible on the FAMU website for Bachelor’s programmes from 1 October until 22 November, and for Master’s programmes from 1 May until 22 June. (Note: If, in a given year, the deadline for submitting applications falls on a weekend, the deadline for submission is shifted to the following working day, i.e. Monday.)

3. How should I proceed after filling in the electronic application form?

Print out the application (on a colour or black-and-white printer) and sign it.

It is also necessary to supplement the application with an officially certified copy of your matura examination certificate (if you have not yet taken the matura application at the time of submission, see paragraphs 7 and 14), a curriculum vitae, and proof of payment of the administrative fee. These annexes are required components of the application for every applicant (that is, regardless of whether the applicant is applying for admission repeatedly or whether he or she is a student or graduate of a different university); without them the application is invalid and the applicant cannot register for the entrance examination: By the specified deadline, send the application and the annexes mentioned above by post to Akademie múzických umění, Studijní oddělení FAMU, Malostranské náměstí 12, 118 00 Prague 1; or submit them during office hours (by 4:00 p.m.) at the FAMU Department of Student Affairs (Studijní oddělení), 3rd floor, Lažanský palác, Smetanovo nábřeží 2, Prague 1.

4. Where can I get a certified copy of my matura examination certificate?

Certification is performed by municipal authorities, notaries and branches of the Czech Post providing the Czech POINT service.

5. In what form should I prepare my curriculum vitae?

The curriculum vitae should be written in accordance with general standards for a curriculum vitae in paragraph or bullet-point form (the applicant should select one of these two forms).

6. What are my options for paying the administrative fee?

The fee can be paid by bank transfer only (other payment methods, such as by postal money order or in cash, are not permitted). Please affix a printed confirmation of payment of the administrative fee to the application. The administrative fee is CZK 440. Account number: 19-5373180297/0100. VS (Variable Symbol): 64913. SS (Specific Symbol): your application number (if this number is not provided, the payment cannot be reconciled with the application, which thus becomes invalid).

For payments from abroad, use the following information:


IBAN code: CZ 5301000000195373180297

Address of bank: Komerční banka, Malostranské nám. 23, 118 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic;

Account owner: AMU, Malostranské náměstí 12, 118 01 Prague 1

For payments from countries in the Eurozone, we recommend a bank payment in euros using Eurožiro, which mediates the transfer to the AMU account in Czech crowns.

7. How will FAMU communicate with me during the admissions process?

All correspondence will be sent to you by the Czech Post at the address which you specified on the application. Therefore, please verify that the address is correct and complete.

8. Do I have to list my marks when filling in the electronic application?

You need not list your marks in the application when applying for admission to a Bachelor’s programme. It is necessary, however, for your secondary school to confirm on the application that you are in the final year and to specify the month in which you will take the matura examination. If you are admitted, you must present the matura examination certificate at registration. If you have already taken the matura examination, please submit an officially certified copy of the matura examination certificate with your application.

If applying for a Master’s programme, submit an officially certified copy of your Bachelor’s diploma (not the diploma supplement).

9. I am applying for admission to the Bachelor’s programme in the Department of Production. Where should I write the language in which I will take the relevant part of the entrance examination?

After filling in and printing the application, indicate the language of your choice in the lower part of the field of production.

10. I am applying to a Bachelor’s programme and I have already graduated from a different university. Do I have to submit a confirmation from the university?

No. Even though you have graduated from a university, it is necessary to submit an officially certified copy of your matura examination certificate.

11. Is it possible to pursue Bachelor’s or Master’s programmes at FAMU in a combined mode of study?

No. Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes at FAMU can only be studied on a full-time basis.

12. Do I need a health confirmation when applying to FAMU?

If you are applying for a programme in Camerawork, you will need a confirmation of colour perception. For other programmes, you do not need a medical confirmation.

13. I am a person who, for health reasons (dyslexia, etc.), will require a special approach to the evaluation of my academic results. How should I document this?

This should be documented with a written statement from a physician containing an unambiguous and comprehensible justification for your requirement for a special approach.

14. What are the deadlines for submitting applications and talent works?

Applicants for admission to Bachelor’s programmes must send or deliver their application to the FAMU Department of Academic Affairs (Studijní oddělení) no later than on 22 November. Talent works must be sent or delivered to the relevant department by 1 December (if sent by post, the date of the postmark is determinative).

In the case of Master’s programmes, it is necessary to send or deliver the application to the FAMU Department of Academic Affairs (Studijní oddělení) no later than by 22 June. The Master’s project proposal and required works must be sent or delivered to the department by 1 September (if sent by post, the date of the postmark is determinative).

Any attempt to deliver an application, missing annexes or missing components of talent works after the set deadline is baseless and will be considered attempted fraud under Section 67 of the Higher Education Act.

15. Are there preparatory courses or a qualifying year at FAMU?

There are no preparatory courses or qualifying year at FAMU. FAMU organises Open House days twice per year for prospective applicants, where it is possible to consult with departmental representatives. We would like to point out to prospective applicants that information provided as part of these consultations cannot be considered binding in the sense of the Higher Education Act, and that only information about the admissions process published on the school’s website can be considered binding.

16. Is it possible to apply to FAMU while in a lower class year in secondary school?

No. You can apply if you are in the final (matura) class year of secondary school. Your school will confirm for you on the application the month in which you will take the matura examination. Without this confirmation, the application is invalid.