Commission exam screenings - Projections

Procedure for submitting the data for commission exam screening

Dear teachers and students,

At this moment, we are updating information on the measure and procedure for submitting your films for the final screenings on June 2020.

Part of the final screenings will be held new in the Reference Screening Room of the Studio FAMU.

More information on the schedule of data delivery and projections themselves, including the presentation of final export parameters for the Reference Screening Room of the Studio FAMU, will be announced here during the spring of 2020.

However, the data submission procedure has not changed since the last winter commission exam screening (January / February 2020), see the following documentation:

Procedure for submitting the data for commission exam screening – January/February 2020 

Required final export parameters

While exporting your final works for commission exam screening in the Projection ot the Lažanský palác, follow required procedure, please.

File Name:
Department_type film project by White Book_Surname of student_Name of film project (without diacritics)

File / Container: QuickTime movie (.mov)

Resolution: Full HD 1920x1080

Framerate: 24/25/30 fps

Codec: ProRes (not Proxy)
            H264 (stereo 2.0 only) - will be converted to ProRes

Stereo Audio 2.0:
48 kHz, 16b:
(a) AAC 192k
(b) PCM

5.1 Audio - Apple ProRes only!
48 kHz, 16b, PCM

a) 5.1 (L, R, C, LFE, LS, RS);
b) 6x mono (eventually 3x mono L, R, C): little endian

The Instructions for export 5.1 from DaVinci Resolve

Mono sound:
As stereo 2.0 (L = R) or as channel C in 5.1 settings.


Emergency & questions MO - FRI 9:30 am – 3 pm:

Jan Kovacovic, tel. 234 244 418, e-mail: jan.kovacovic@studiofamu.cz

Zuzana Hadravová, tel. 234 244 441, e-mail: zuzana.hadravova@studiofamu.cz