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About Studio FAMU
  • The FAMU Studio has been operating independently – within FAMU – since 1960 at the same address:  Klimentská 4, Praha 1
  • The FAMU Studio is a specialised FAMU unit which primarily facilitates the production of all practical exercises (regular as well as extraordinary) of FAMU students, excluding the practical exercises of Photography Department students which are catered for by the Photography Department Studio.  
  • The FAMU Studio provides the background facilities for the production of practical exercises of international students in the FAMU International program, and within any workshops organised by FAMU.
  • The FAMU Studio has its own facilities for exercise production – from 35mm/16mm film cameras, film editing rooms, two sound studios to a modern postproduction (image/sound) site.
  • The FAMU Studio is a traditional and important coproduction partner in many successful projects of FAMU students.  
  • The FAMU Studio manages the extensive FAMU Film archive.
  • The FAMU Studio is a trusted and reliable partner for external productions (renting studios, postproduction venues, equipment).
  • The FAMU Studio can be a reliable partner for specialised conferences, presentations and workshops  in the fields of education, research and technology.
  • The FAMU Studio – having undergone a general reconstruction & technology instalations (2015 - 2020) – has a modern Reference Screening Room (from 11/2019), which will be used as a base for cooperation over digital restoration of (not only) Czech (Slovak) movies.


The FAMU Studio after a general reconstruction (2015 - 2020)

Production facilities & Rental dept.:
• Studio "A" (110 m2) &  Studio "B" (70m2) + make-up / dressing rooms with showers; production background facilities & worskhops
• Own rental service dept. – camera / lighting / grip / sound equipment

Postproduction capacities:
• 2x DaVinci grading suites
• 3x Avid digital editing room
• 2x ProTools sound editing rooms
• 1x TV mixing room for sound & sound directing
• 1x film mixing room (Dolby Atmos)
• TV directing and speaker room

Film editing rooms:
• 3x 16mm film editing rooms
• 1x 35mm film editing room

TV Department (directing / sound).

Reference* (4 screen) Screening room = research / screening room / image and sound postproduction:
• 115 seats
• 4 screens
• DaVinci Hybrid grading suite - on screen - Cinema / on monitors - Suite under the Screening room
• ProTools sound mixing suite - on screen (Dolby Atmos)
• 2x Kinoton 16/35 film projector & 4K Digital projector (Christie)

* The reference screening room is certified for nitrate film screenings

Lectures & Workshops:
• 4 fully equipped classrooms (seating: 30 (+) 20 / 20 / 20)

The Studio FAMU Central Data Storage runs on Quantum Storenext.

Extra Facilities:
• Café