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Freemover Mobility

The Freemover program is a form of student stays at a foreign school or institution which provides a considerable level of freedom as to the content of the studies or other activities, particularly in relation to thesis preparation, extensive art projects etc.  

FAMU students may apply for a study stay on the basis of an application that they compile themselves, and that includes personal contact details (primarily telephone number and e-mail) and the school or institution the applicant is applying for, the objective and duration of the stay (a minimum of one, maximum of five months), or other circumstances supporting the application. Master’s and PhD program students have priority.

Please submit your applications at the Dean’s Office in the box of the Vice-Dean for International Relations by November 15 of the current year. The selection committee headed by the Dean of FAMU will meet then, and the results will be disclosed by the beginning of December.
You can use this application form.
[Please send your questions to david.cenek@famu.cz]



Students should apply primarily to non-European schools with which FAMU has a partnership contract in place (see FAMU Partner Schools).

You can apply for freemovers stays in other schools or institutions with which FAMU has no contract on partnership. In such a case, the student shall contact the selected school first and if the school agrees to the stay (which must be reflected in the application form), the student asks the Vice-Dean for International Affairs to arrange a student exchange contract.  

Students will be granted CZK 15,000 per month (i.e. a maximum of CZK 75,000.00 per stay) from the freemovers fund. The amount usually suffices to pay for travel and accommodation; the students pay their other expenses themselves, or try to raise more funds from various sources – government scholarships, AIA, international scholarships etc. The scholarship shall be disbursed as soon as the student signs the financial agreement with the Vice-Dean for International Affairs.  

An Erasmus study stay in the preceding years does not prevent a Freemovers stay in the future.