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Since September 1, 2016, the use of ID cards has been regulated by Rector’s Decree no. 7/2016 on the use of IDs at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

The ID may be obtained free of charge (no ISIC/ITIC license) while you wait here.

  • The ID is the legal proof of identification of an AMU student.
  • The ID is used as a reader’s card at AMU Libraries.
  • Once charged, it allows  printing, photocopying and scanning in AMU buildings.
  • The ISIC (ITIC for teachers) license grants discounts on transport and airfare, skiing tickets, cultural event tickets etc. Up-to-date information on the discounts, insurance etc. is available here.
  • The IDs also grant entrance to some AMU venues and to the rooms in the Hradební Dormitory.
  • For those with no Opencard or Lítačka, the AMU ID may replace the Public Transport ID card.

Students have a choice of the following two types of ID cards:

AMU Student ID (free of charge, no ISIC license)

AMU Student ID with ISIC license (CZK 230.00 with ISIC license)

Other ID cards used at AMU

AMU Teacher ID with ITIC license (CZK 230.00 with ITIC license)

AMU Staff ID (free of charge, no ITIC license)

You can get your ID at the ID Card Centre  of UK Praha. You will need your personal ID or passport. Your photograph will be taken right there.

You can pay for your ID and ISIC/ITIC stickers by cash or card at the ID Card Centre.

ID Card Centre for AMU

ID cards are issued at KOLEJ JEDNOTA, OPLETALOVA 38 PRAHA 1

The Jednota Dormitory (Kolej Jednota) is the only place where AMU cards are issued. The remaining locations do not issue AMU ID cards at all!