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Dean`s word / November 2020 

Dear students,

we have the first month of the winter semester behind us in pandemic conditions. In the first third of the month, the teaching took place according to the traffic light, then only remotely. It is challenging in many ways - for you and your teachers.
But it is also an opportunity - we are a film school and digital audiovisual expression is natural for us. Let's also look at the teaching (about) of film in a virtual environment as a kind of genre, whether it is dominated by performative elements (both by teachers and you, students), found footage procedures (fragments of audiovisual or other works that you debate about), or essay elements of informed and substantiated argumentation. Let's add (self) reflexive moments to these procedures - if you have ideas on how to differentiate and develop meetings within individual subjects, talk to your teachers, think within departments, and also share mutual knowledge of good practices.
We all care about meeting every day with you to have continuous stimuli for thinking and deepening your knowledge, and more than ever, the forms of how to achieve this depend on all of us together.

I wish you a lot of inner strength and a desire for a certain playfulness and constant discovery.
And good health for you and your loved ones.

Andrea Slováková