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Studies and Internships Abroad

From 2019, it is possible to undertake an Erasmus+ practical internship even after completing your studies at AMU. The graduate will receive a financial contribution through the European Development Agency (ERA). The contribution is provided in the form of a flat-rate amount per month of traineeship abroad, the amount of the contribution depends, as with Erasmus+ stays, on the destination country. The grant may not cover all costs during the stay abroad, so the participation of the graduate is necessary. The financial contribution is awarded for approximately 3-4 months of stay.

The application for the school round for a practical traineeship must be submitted at least two months before the state final exams to the FAMU International Department. After the faculty application is received and approved, the prospective graduate contacts ERA, the faculty coordinator sends all collected applications to ERA. Before departure, in cooperation with the international department and the agency, it is necessary to fill out a Learning Agreement (LA), which is signed by the receiving institution (company), the sending institution (rectorate) and the ERA.

The graduate must complete the internship within 12 months of graduation. However, all months of stay realized within the Erasmus+ program in the study cycle preceding the graduate internship are counted as well.



Mgr. MgA. Petr Michal
Head of FAMU International Department
Erasmus+ Coordinator (Outgoing students)
Erasmus+ Inclusion Support, Green Erasmus
Website of the FAMU International Department
E-mail: erasmus@famu.cz

Kateřina Kolingerová 
European Development Agency (ERA) 
E-mail: katerina.kolingerova@eracr.cz