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Studies and Internships Abroad

Faculty application round for exchanges in academic year 2024/2025 was closed on 31st January 2024.

The goal of the Erasmus+ programme is to improve the development of the abilities and skills of individuals, to improve the employment of young people in particular, to expand cooperation between institutions, to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and experience, to connect the world of education and work, to contribute to the modernization of education, vocational training, etc.

Within the Erasmus+ program in the 2021-2027 program period, it is possible to complete a study exchange (3-12 months) or practical traineeship (2-12 months)short-term combined mobility and combined intensive programs (5-30 days) are also possible. Mobilities for recent graduates is a completely separate special category.

As part of the expansion of the scope of the Erasmus+ program, it is possible to complete an internship outside the EU. However, the capacities for financing such mobility are limited by the allocated budget for the given academic year. If you are interested in an internship outside the EU, contact the Vice-Dean for Foreign Relations before submitting an internal application.

As part of international cooperation, FAMU has already concluded more than 50 agreements with partner schools within the Erasmus+ programme and other bilateral agreements with partner schools, especially from non-European countries. Please note, mobilities cannot be carried out in the country where the sending university is located (i.e. within the Czech Republic), nor with EU institutions and other EU entities, including specialized organizations that manage EU programs.


Czech National Agency for International Education and Research (DZS) restored the resource of students' experiences from their study exchange and traineeships and made available the Erasmus Students' Reports Database.



The participant must be a full-time student – it is possible to travel as part of a waiting period, staggered year, not as part of an interrupted study.

Each participant has 12 months in each cycle of higher education (bachelor, master, doctoral). The student can thus complete one long stay or several shorter ones (but it is necessary to abide the minimum prescribed length of stay). It is important to keep in mind that all study, traineeships and short-term internships for a given degree add up. This also applies to all previous studies in the given study cycle.

A student must earn at least 18 credits per semester at the receiving institution. Students applying for a traineeships are not required to do so, but can earn up to 10 credits per semester if they apply.


The EU defines the basic rules for determining the amount of financial contributions. The contribution is understood as financing covering the increased living costs abroad, it is not a scholarship covering all the costs of a stay abroad, and the financial participation of the student is assumed. The amount of the monthly allowance is fixed – countries are divided into two groups depending on the cost of living (higher, lower), the range in which the amount of the allowance allocated for a stay in a particular country will vary depends on the relationship between the sending and receiving countries (whether it is mobility between countries with comparable living costs or not).

Based on the conclusion of the participation agreement, the student receives a contribution that is the same for all students leaving the Czech Republic for a study stay or traineeship within the Erasmus+ program.

Study (3-12 months) and practical (2-12 months) mobilities:

  • EU countries and other partner countries with higher living costs - i.e. Western Europe - EUR 600 / month + EUR 150 / month increase for internships
  • EU countries and other partner countries with lower costs of living - i.e. Eastern Europe + Turkey - EUR 480 / month + EUR 150 / month increase for practical internships
  • Countries outside the EU – 700 EUR / month (no increase in the case of a traineeship)

Short-term mobilities (5-30 days):

  • up to the 14th day of the activity – EUR 79 / day
  • from the 15th to the 30th day of the activity – 56 EUR / day

Travel costs (only for travel outside the EU): 23-1500 EUR depending on the distance of the destination institution.

The financial contribution can be further increased through the support of INCLUSION and ECOLOGICAL TRANSPORT. If you are interested in the possibilities of the contribution amount, contact the relevant faculty coordinator.


As of January 1st, 2024 the Erasmus financial contribution is paid only in EUR. Students are required to open an account in this currency.

Language Support

Online Language Support (OLS) supports the language education of Erasmus+ program participants. The student can take part in language proficiency testing before and after the mobility and can participate in an online language course.


The AMU Language Centre (CJP) organizes an optional English language test (B2) for students going on a study exchange of traineeship within the Erasmus+ program.






Visit the LIST OF FAMU PARTNER SCHOOLS and based on the information provided to every school, choose up to 3 schools to which you would like to apply for a study exchange in the following academic year. In the case of a traineeship, find, approach and secure the company in which you would like to complete the traineeship.


Please note: Due to the large number of contracts, we do not accept applications for institutions with which we do not have an international agreement. If you are interested in an internship outside the EU, please contact the Vice Dean for International Relations in advance.


Enter the selected schools (or approached institutions for traineeship) in the internal application (see the list of documents below). Due to the interconnectedness of the production of practical exercises and the necessary crew cohesion, it is possible to apply for an internship only after confirmation of the application by the Head of the Department and the Registrar Office.


Submit the completed and signed application only via the ONLINE FORM by the end of January of the relevant academic year.


Please note: Incomplete and unapproved applications, applications submitted later, or in any other way, will not be taken into account. Consider the application as binding. If you decide to renounce an approved trip without serious reasons, this may affect the assessment of another application submitted in the future.




After the faculty round is closed and nominations have been sent by the faculty coordinator, you can submit applications to all selected schools. After receiving the nomination, the schools will usually get in touch with the specific instructions of the application procedure. If that does not happen, you will usually find all the necessary information on the relevant page of the foreign institution.


Keep in mind that application deadlines, submission methods and individual application steps vary from institution to institution. However, these are mostly the following documents:

  • curriculum vitae
  • cover letter
  • portfolio
  • European Application (see list of documents)
  • overview of study results (Transcript of records) – issued by the study department upon request
  • Learning Agreement (LA) – COMPLETE ONLINE ONLY – AMU requires a minimum of 18 credits per semester completed at a foreign institution

In the case of a traineeship, student is approching companies he is interested in. Student must provide us with invitation letter – free form, letterhead, exact description of the content of the traineeship and its duration, signature + stamp – must be send from company's email address.




After submitting on time, you are waiting for a decision of receiving institution. If you are accepted, let us know immediately which of the institution you have chosen.

No later than 4 weeks before the start of the exchange, it is necessary to resolve all necessary documentation:

  • sign the participation agreement
  • secure an individual study plan or plan the fulfillment of study obligations at FAMU during the exchange abroad – it is necessary to discuss this matter with the Registrar Office and Head of Department
  • arrange travel insurance for the entire duration of your stay
    • study exchange – medical expenses insurance
    • traineeships and short-term mobilities – medical expenses insurance, additional accident and liability insurance
  • in the case of a traineeship:
    • Learning Agreement for Traineeship – see list of documents
    • invitation letter – see point 2 above
  • in the case of a study exchange outside the EU:
    • Learning Agreement for International Mobility – see list of documents
  • submit other documents related to the increase in the contribution to support INCLUSION and ECOLOGICAL TRANSPORT

Since the preparation of documents before departure for the winter term takes place during the summer holidays and vacations, we recommend not leaving anything to the last minute.




After the delivery of all necessary documents, the student will receive a financial contribution before departure according to the financial agreement based on the destination and type of internship (see above).

Note: If the mobility continues into the next calendar year, the payment of the financial contribution is proportionally divided into two installments – the second installment is paid during January of the following year.


If there are any changes during the course of the exchange – especially changes in courses and duration – immediately contact the faculty coordinator.


Only courses which are registered in LA and which correspond to the later provided overview of study results (Transcript of records) can be recognized.




For successful completion of the exchange, it is necessary upon return to submit several closing documents, which will be issued to you by the foreign department of the partner institution upon request:


Study Exchange

  • Transcript of Records
  • Confirmation of Erasmus Study Period – see the list of documents

Traineeship – completed and by the foreign company signer last part LA: After Mobility – this document must be sent from the company's email address

Fill in the final report in the Erasmus+ Students' Report Database

If the number of days in the supplied Confirmation of the Study Period (or After Mobility) differs significantly from the dates in the participation agreement, the rectorate will calculate a proportional part of the financial contribution that will be returned.


If the mentioned documents are not submitted after the return, or if the student does not receives the mandatory minimum number of credits, he/she will be subject to sanctions according to participation contract. In practice, this can mean the return of entire financial contribution.



Mgr. MgA. Petr Michal
Erasmus+ Coordinator
Outgoing students
Erasmus+ Inclusion Support, Green Erasmus
Website of the FAMU International Department
E-mail: erasmus@famu.cz

PhDr. David Čenek
Vice-Dean for International Relations
Short-term mobilities and mobilities outside the EU
Mentoring programme
International projects
CILECT contact person
Phone: +420 234 244 370
E-mail: david.cenek@famu.cz