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FAMU students can once again participate in the Berlinale International Film Festival, which will take place on February 15-25, 2024.

Festival condition: students can only be accredited at the accredited at the Berlinale through their university once (if you attended the Berline through a school call last year, this offer does not apply to you).

18 selected students will have the opportunity to obtain:

  • code for receiving student accreditation for 95,- Euro – the price of accreditation will be paid retrospectively by the faculty in the form of a scholarship;
  • a one-off financial contribution for transport of CZK 500 - paid retrospectively by the faculty in the form of a scholarship.

Students applying for support to participate in the Berlinale must meet the following conditions:

  • students enrolled in any accredited program (i.e. students with paused study cannot apply);
  • none of the study subjects (compulsory, compulsory optional, optional subjects and modules) enrolled in the previous year was evaluated with a classification grade worse than "B" or "credited";
  • passed all exams properly, i.e. none of the exams were passed in the remedial period (credits do not have remedial deadlines, all must be evaluated in the regular exam period).

How to apply:

Fill out the application in this online form - here - by December 10, 2023 (incl.), accessible from your school email.

Upload the approval of the department head (a screenshot of a confirming email, etc.) as an attachment to the form.

Results will be announced on the faculty´s website by December 15, 2023.

Selected students will also be informed via email.

The code for the student accreditation must be used by December 31, 2023. After this date, it is invalid without the possibility of renewal.

The selection will be based on the order of applicants who meet the above criteria.

Contact person: David Čeněk, e-mail: david.cenek@famu.cz



The Berlinale festival has allocated 18 student accreditations for FAMU for its upcoming edition taking place from February 15 to 25, 2024. The selected students will receive a code for a student accreditation for 95 euros, a cost covered retrospectively by the faculty as a scholarship. Additionally, the student will receive a one-time financial contribution of 500 CZK for transportation, also provided retrospectively as a scholarship.

Students, who were selected in the Call, are:

Natália Antoňáková 
Alica Bednáriková 
Jan Černý 
Nina Djakovičová 
David Horák 
Lizaveta Chakanava 
Wanda Kaprálová 
Petra Krausová 
Shawrya Kumar 
Klára Mamojková 
Juliana Moska 
Hermína Peričová 
Adéla Škvrna 
Ester Josefína Vandasová 
Barbora Venclová 
Petr Vlček 
Anna Zelená 
Klára Žantová 


15. December 2023