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Studies and Internships Abroad



The student must be registered at the sending higher educational institution in a programme aimed at obtaining a degree or other recognised tertiary qualification. This can mean university studies of the first (bachelor’s, including short programmes), second (master’s) and third (doctoral) cycle/stage.

Leaving for a study stay in the first year of a bachelor’s programme is not allowed. In the bachelor cycle, most FAMU Departments prefer study stays for students waiting for examination.


A scholarship is understood as a contribution towards increased costs of living abroad, which is why certain financial involvement on the part of the student is expected. The amount of scholarship per month is fixed and depends on the target country.


If you plan on leaving for a study or working trip in the academic year 2022/23, you need to submit an internal application and read the instructions on the website. Since the Erasmus+ has opened a new programming period, all agreements were terminated and have to be renewed. Unfortunately, this process cannot be sped up due to formal complications beyond our school’s control. This is why the list of partner universities is restricted and will be updated roughly once every month. If you know of a university where you want to go, contact the Vice-Dean for International Relationships at david.cenek@famu.cz; individual approach is possible. Make sure to submit your applications even if you cannot list a specific school (schools) in the form. The Faculty needs to know primarily the number of students and types of stays. New dates for an internal APPLICATIONS will be announced during autumn 2022.

You can also newly use the Erasmus+ for stays outside EU countries. In this case, your only deadline for applications is in January, and we recommend consulting the Vice-Dean for International Relationships.
The Erasmus+ programme applies only to students of accredited programmes.

For questions, please contact david.cenek@famu.cz; individual consultations are possible as well.




OLS supports language learning for Erasmus+ participants. Students must take a language skill test before and after the stay, and may take part in online language courses. More information:  Online Language Support / DOCX



Students who go for Erasmus stays may obtain a grant if they use an environmentally sound mode of transport. The new Erasmus+ programming period for the years 2021–2027 brings many new features and topics, including the GREEN ERASMUS+ project aiming at systematically reducing the negative environmental impact of the programme.

We offer an increase of the grant by if you choose an environmentally friendlier mode of transport (surface mass transport – trains, buses…). At the same time, the mobility participants who choose an environmentally friendlier mode of transport can use an eligible period of travel extended by 4 days. Faculty ERASMUS+ coordinators will answer any questions you may have in this respect. Contribute towards reducing the carbon footprint of your travels!


Petr Michal
exchange stay coordinator
Email: erasmus@famu.cz