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Studies and Internships Abroad

Green Erasmus – support for ecological travel. The new Erasmus+ program period brings an emphasis on the systematic reduction of the negative ecological impact that this program has on the environment. FAMU guarantees an increase in the financial contribution when choosing an environmentally friendly mode of transport (ground public transport – train, bus, car sharing, bicycle). At the same time, mobility participants who choose an environmentally friendly mode of transport can be granted an extended travel time.

It is necessary to apply for a financial bonus before signing the contract. It cannot be admitted retroactively.


Participants without entitlement to travel expenses (internships within the EU) – EUR 50 + up to 4 days per trip (incl. entitlement to accommodation expenses).


Participants entitled to travel expenses (internships outside the EU) – EUR 210-610 depending on the distance to the standard travel allowance + up to 4 days per trip (incl. entitlement to accommodation expenses) for students, or 6 days (including entitlement to accommodation costs) for employees and students on short-term mobility.


  • The main part of the journey (for most of the way there and back) must be carried out by a sustainable means of transport.
  • Affidavit signed by the travel grant recipient about the use of a sustainable means of transport.
  • Participants must keep evidence of the trip (documents, tickets, receipts, photos...) and present it to the recipient of the grant.

Financial bonus is paid retroactively after the end of the internship.



Mgr. MgA. Petr Michal
Erasmus+ Coordinator
Outgoing Students
Erasmus+ Inclusion Support, Green Erasmus
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E-mail: erasmus@famu.cz