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Studies and Internships Abroad

The Erasmus+ program is being digitized, all students who are preparing for a study stay at a foreign university within the framework of the Erasmus+ program must create and edit their Learning Agreement (LA) exclusively online. The exception is students planning a short-term, traineeships or internships outside the EU.

The creation and editing of the LA takes place only through the Online Learning Agreement website, and the signing of Online Learning Agreements (OLA) is also done exclusively electronically.

The relevant Erasmus+ faculty coordinator will answer and help solve any questions and problems.



On the Online Learning Agreement website, click the Log in link, MyAcademicID will appear, where you fill in the name of the school – Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. The next time you log in from the same computer or mobile device, the school name should remain pre-filled. You will be redirected to the AMU MyAcademicID page, where you log in with the username and password you use at AMU (login and password for KOS).


Note: If you are using MyAcademicID for the very first time, you will be prompted to register for this service, which will be done by clicking on Proceed to register on MyAcademicID, here you will fill in your school e-mail address (e.g. novakj01@st.amu.cz). A request for confirmation will be send into your e-mail.

Back on the OLA page in the My Account section, fill in your personal informations.
Choose your field of study (Field of education) – Audio-visual techniques and media production (0211)
Choose the corresponding study cycle (Study cycle):

  • Bachelor or equivalent first cycle (EQF level 6) (19)
  • Master or equivalent second cycle (EQF level 7) (20)
  • Doctorate or equivalent third cycle (EQF level 8) (21)

Your Learning Agreement (LA) page will open. If you are creating a new contract, click Create New.

If you are returning to a contract in progress, you will see your contract at the bottom and you can edit it further via the Edit button.


On the next page, you choose the type of mobility. Continue by checking your personal data form, and after agreeing to it, continue by filling in information about the sending institution (AMU) and the receiving institution (the foreign school you are applying to).


Fill in the information about the sending university, including the faculty and the Erasmus code (CZ PRAHA04).
Please indicate as Sending Responsible Person and Sending Administrative Contact Person: Petr Michal, e-mail: erasmus@famu.cz, phone: +420 234 244 370


Fill in information about the host university – the Erasmus code is automatically loaded after entering the name of the foreign university. Find out in advance from the host institution who should be listed as Receiving Responsible Person (mandatory) and possibly Receiving Administrative Contact Person (optional).


The next step is to complete the Proposed Mobility Programme and to create a preliminary study agreement (Preliminary LA). Fill in the beginning and end  dates of your exchange.

Fill in the list of courses you will study abroad and those that will be recognized at your faculty, including subject codes, semester and number of credits:

In Table A, fill in the subjects you will study abroad, the dates – the start and end of your exchange - and the language in which the teaching will take place, and the level of knowledge on the CEFR scale.
In Table B, fill in all the subjects, including the subject codes and the number of credits, that you want to recognise. Please bear in mind:


  • The minimum requirement of AMU is 18 credits per semester
  • If you are enrolling in subjects from your study plan at FAMU, consult your pre-filled LA with the study department and the department head. The faculty coordinator will not sign the LA without the statement of the Head of the Department, the relevant teachers or the Registrar Office.
  • If you want to recognize the subjects only as optional, register them from the offer of the international department of FAMU – see the list of documents – register the credits in this way even if you no longer need to fulfill any credits.


In the line Provisions applying if the student does not complete successfully some educational components fill in the link to the Rector's Proceedings, which state the conditions for recognition of foreign studies.
Under the line Web link to the course catalog at the Sending Institution describing the learning outcomes fill in the link to the AMU study plans.
If your study abroad program has a virtual component (subject taught online), specify it in the next step in Table C. If not, you can skip this step.


The last step is to sign the contract in the defined field (e.g. using mouse). After signing, confirm with the button Sign and send the online Learning Agreement to the Responsible person at the Sending Institution – only then will the agreement be automatically sent to your faculty for approval.

The contract is signed by three parties (the student, the sending institution and the host institution) who undertake to comply with all agreed arrangements, thereby ensuring that the study successfully completed abroad will be recognized without further requirements. If the Erasmus coordinator at your faculty approves the contract, it will be forwarded to the host institution abroad for signature. You may be contacted and prompted to make adjustments.



Mgr. MgA. Petr Michal
Erasmus+ Coordinator
Outgoing Students
Erasmus+ Inclusion Support, Green Erasmus
Website of the FAMU International Department
E-mail: erasmus@famu.cz