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Studies and Internships Abroad

studies and internships abroad

The FAMU International Department supports and ensures Inter-Institutional Agreements (IIA), mobility of students and teachers of the faculty and provides information about study opportunities at FAMU for international exchange inqueries. International mobility takes place on the basis of established partnership agreements within the framework of international programs (especially the Erasmus+ program) and then within the framework of intergovernmental or interfaculty agreements and contracts.

An important part of the department's activities is to help in organizing the participation of students in film festivals and workshops abroad, or providing teaching and seminars of foreign (and other) film professionals through the mentoring program (see below).

For more information on the scope of foreign cooperation at the academy level, visit the website of AMU International.




3rd floor, door no. 345

FAMU – Film and TV School
Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
Smetanovo nábřeží 2
116 65 Prague 1

Personal meetings can be arranged by prior arrangement.

Mgr. MgA. Petr Michal
Head of FAMU International Department
Erasmus+ Coordinator (Outgoing students)
Erasmus+ Inclusion Support, Green Erasmus
Website of the FAMU International Department
E-mail: erasmus@famu.cz



Bc. Anna Šlajová 
Erasmus+ Coordinator
Incoming Students
E-mail: erasmus.incoming@famu.cz 

Mgr. Andrea Petrovičová 
Project Manager
Administration of Inter-Institutional Agreements
International Propagation
Teaching and Staff Mobility
Mentoring Programme
Tel.: +420 234 244 339 
E-mail: international.relations@famu.cz