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In accordance with the Attendance and Examination Regulations, Article 28 Qualification theses, university qualification theses must be submitted at least one month prior to the date of their defence. The date for the submission of the qualification theses is defined by the Dean of the Faculty as part of the Faculty’s schedule.

The assignment takes effect upon entry in the information system no later than three months prior to the date of submission of the thesis. Changes of the thesis supervisor and/or of the topic of the thesis are subject to the Dean’s approval under the conditions defined by the Faculty.

Bachelor/diploma theses (hereinafter referred to collectively as “qualification theses”) are a means for the students to demonstrate that they are capable of individually solving an assignment, doing the required secondary literature research, and/or reflecting on their own creativity in a theory text.

If the supervisor does not recommend a thesis for defence, the student may not be admitted to defend their qualification thesis. A student who is not admitted to defend a qualification thesis or who fails to defend their thesis will be classified as “F” by the examination panel for thesis defence. If the defence of a qualification thesis on a regular date is rated “F”, the examination panel may rule that retaking the defence is subject to writing a new qualification thesis.

Graduation performance is a part of a university qualification thesis whereby the student demonstrates the level of their artistic/expert work by creating their own work of art, performance or expert project (the “graduation performance”).

If at least one opponent does not recommend a graduation performance for defence, the student may not be admitted to defend their graduation performance. A student who is not admitted to defend their graduation performance or who fails to defend their graduation performance will be classified as “F” by the examination panel for thesis defence. Graduation performance as a part of the state final exam cannot be retaken.


You can find instructions for writing theses and for their uniform format as required by AMU in Rector’s Decree No. 4/2006.

More information on qualification theses is available on AMU’s website.



The link provides the current graphic designs of the title pages for graduation theses.

Frequently asked questions regarding specific passages in Rector’s Decree No. 4/2006:

Article 4 Format of the qualification theses text

1) Standard text shall be written using the Verdana font, size 11 points (or Arial, 12 pts). The colour of the font shall always be black including drawings, graphs, etc. placed within the text. A standard page has 1,800 characters including spaces in the text editor. Margins are set at 2 cm on the top, bottom and right, and the left margin should be 3 cm for binding. Text is usually aligned right and left.

Article 6 Format of the printed versions of qualification theses

1)  Final theses in printed form should be submitted in the prescribed format:

a) The thesis cover must contain the name of the university (university institute), designation of the type of the thesis, first name and surname of the author, and the year of writing; the title of the thesis is optional. The graphic design should follow the model mentioned above. Ring binding is not permitted. Black colour is suitable.

b) White office paper must meet the criteria for good reading, reproduction and long-term storage (acid-free paper). The A4 format is always to be used (210x297mm).

c) The shelf back must be printed with the name of the author and the title of the thesis.