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A reliable and up-to-date of information on Prague public transport is on www.dpp.cz or www.idos.cz (English and German version). Prague´s integrated public transportation netword fully covers the city, including the airport. The downtown is interconnected by three metro lines: A (green), B (yellow), C (red). The metro operates daily from 5 am to midnight and runs every 2 to 10 minutes. The tram system includes daytime operations from 4,30 am until after midnight, and the night system operates from midnight to 4,30 am (night trams are denoted by a double digit number starting with 9). Local trains are also included in the integrated public transportation network.

A pre-purchased transfer ticket for 24 CZK can be used for 30 minutes from validation. A transfer ticket for 32 CZK can be used for 90 minutes from validation. Thirty-day/Ninety-day pass: For the whole integrated network in Prague, a registered students between age 18-26 pay 260 CZK for one month and 720 CZK for three months.

Where to buy a ticket:
You can buy tickets from yellow coin-operated machines at metro/tram/bus stations and stops, or from newsagents (Tabka, in Czech). Punch it in the little yellow franking machine before you go down to the metro or as you get on the bus or tram. The ticket is valid from the moment it is punched.

Students may also obtain a card called "Lítačka"  which is an card for electronic tickets within Prague than includes metro, bus, tramway or funicular. Being a university student aged 19 - 26 entitles you to a discounted travel pass (written confirmation that you are a student and your ID  must be presented). You can find more info about the advantages: litacka.cz/en