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Mentoring Programme

The German producer Angela Poschet will lead a workshop at the production department on February 23rd, 2024 focused on project preparation, assembling shooting schedules and budgets, and consulting on complex situations in the production of stop-motion animated films. The workshop will be dedicated to six selected teams consisting of production students and animation students. 

Angela Poschet is a leading European expert in stop motion animation. She has worked as a consultant, line producer, and production supervisor for films such as Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs, Tim Burton's Frankenweenie, and TV series like The House andBob the Builder. She oversees production from the initial steps in pre-production (script analysis, cost estimation) and project planning (studio planning, recruitment, selection of service providers) to the realization of production. She shares her expertise at workshops, such as ITFS in Stuttgart or Animarkt Stop Motion Forum in Lodz.



Photo: Louisa Havránková