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The protection of fundamental rights and freedoms as well as promotion of democracy are amongst the essential objectives of the Czech Republic´s foreign policy. The Czech Republic promotes this objective in its relationships with other countries, in European Union policies as well as within international organisations. It also allows the Czech Republic to contribute towards global security, stability and sustainable development.  

The fundamental principles of the Czech Republic´s foreign policy in the field of human rights are formulated in the Government Declaration, the country´s foreign policy; the human rights issues are handled by the Human Rights and Transition Policy Department within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The transition policy is a policy of human rights and democracy promotion which takes advantage of the Czech Republic´s experience with the social transformation process, establishment of democracy as well as non-violent resistance to the totalitarian regime which preceded the democracy. The transition policy also relies on the principles and values shared by the Euro-Atlantic community of which the Czech Republic forms a part. The principles and values are universally applicable. The transition policy is a modern, systemic approach resting on the proved interconnection and conditionality of the state of democracy and human rights.

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