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The Register of Information on Results (RIV) is one of the parts (data areas) of the research, experimental development and innovation information system (IS VaV), which collects supporting materials to inform expert and general public on the results of research, experimental development and innovation. This is not a library system or central register of publications or any other type of results.

RIV gathers information on any results of research, experimental development and innovation achieved through research activities supported by public subsidies under Act no. 130/2002 Coll., on the Support of Research and Development with Public Funds and Amendment to Some Related Laws (the “Research and Development Support Act”), or without such support provided under the Act usually once a year.

Direct searching in RIV is facilitated by a user application




Only results which exist, i.e. where the provider verifies or provides another way of checking that the result actually exists, may be included and evaluated within RIV. A single result of the research activity concerned may only be entered in RIV once by each applicant, and must be classified as the kind of result which characterises the result most aptly.

For each result, RIV records the name and type of result, year, information on the authors, information on the submitting applicant, connection to VaVaI activities (e.g. connection to a project registered in CEP or whether the result has been achieved within a specific task of university research etc.). Other detailed data identifying the result, depending on the type (e.g. name and publisher of the magazine that published the result, publisher of the book, name and number of patent granting entity etc.). Data on the results, workplaces and persons achieving the results are used (inter alia) as one of the sources of information to assess the results of research, experimental development and innovation.