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Student Grant Competition


  • The AMU Student Grant Competition (SGC) is intended for master’s and doctoral programme students, always with the assistance of an academic worker of the Faculty on the project (with master’s programme students, the teacher is always listed as the main researcher/applicant; with doctoral students’ projects, the main applicant is the student but the supervisor must be a member of the project team).
  • The SGC is called in late September, with the deadline for the submission of applications being in the latter half of October, and the final decision on granting support in January to March.
  • The SGC is called for projects of 1–3 years in duration and the call always specifies whether the competition is open for one-year or multiple-year projects. The project period is always from January to December, with the final report and project output to be submitted in January of the following year.
  • Projects are typically related to research work on the student’s diploma and/or dissertation thesis: it is possible to use the grant to finance trips abroad, purchase equipment, books, DVD’s, etc., consult experts, obtain research, secure respondents, provide translations/proofreading, etc. A scholarship for the students who are involved in the project as compensation for their work is a standard part of the grant.
  • The expected output is usually the actual diploma thesis or a part of the dissertation thesis, as well as public presentation of the researcher’s project results in some form – most often an article (with doctoral students, it is expected that the text will be published in an impacted periodical such as, for example, ArteActa, Iluminace and Mediální studia in the Czech Republic; master’s programme students may present output in the form of a text published in a non-impacted technical periodical such as Cinepur, Film a doba, etc.) or workshop (e.g. a module presented at FAMU and/or organising a workshop as part of a festival, etc.).
  • In the past few years, FAMU distributed a total of CZK 800,000 to 1 million in this competition annually, with support granted to 6–8 projects every year.
  • On average, individual successful projects are granted approximately CZK 80,000 to 150,000 (depending on the quantity of outputs, labour-intensiveness, number of researchers, etc.), with the maximum possible grant being CZK 250,000.
  • The SGC is governed by the currently applicable Rector’s Decree No. 5/2023.
  • Information on the current edition of the competition and on the past editions can be found in the menu on the left.
  • Contact person: MgA. Karolína Liberová karolina.liberova@famu.cz