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Financial support for FAMU academic personnel and students as part of research and development

FAMU’s academic personnel and students in master’s and doctoral programmes can obtain financial support from the Dean for the development of research and the dissemination of research results. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Vice-Dean for Research and Development Helena Bendová (helena.bendova@famu.cz) or Research and Development Methodologist Petra Horká (petra.horka@famu.cz). 




  • Intended for: teachers, researchers, doctoral and master’s students
  • Purpose of the support:
    • Trips to conferences and science workshops and colloquia, both home and abroad,
    • Conference registration fees,
    • Science organisation membership fees,
    • Training courses and workshops related to developing academic and research skills (including online courses),
    • Organising internal workshops and modules related to developing scientific competences intended for students and/or teachers.
  • Applications:
    • Every year from 1 February to 15 November (no later than 14 days prior to the planned utilisation of the funds)
    • The application should contain:
      • Name, Department, year of study and the expected date of completion of studies (for students),
      • Specific purpose of the support,
      • Requested amount with items specified and a schedule of utilisation;
    • Applications should be e-mailed to the Research and Development Methodologist at petra.horka@famu.cz


  • Intended for: teachers, researchers, doctoral student; exceptionally master’s students
  • Purpose of the support: the grant is intended for the completion and subsequent dissemination of research texts and applied research results, which originate at FAMU and are not financed from any internal or external grants. For example, doctoral students may apply for a grant to help them prepare their dissertation, or FAMU teachers may apply with an intention to publish a research text in a scientific periodical, almanac, etc. This incentive grant is intended to help with the financing of the preparatory phase; it is also possible to apply for the grant after the publication of the text in a periodical or publishing house. FAMU will use these grants to contribute primarily to research results that can be included in the Register of Research and Development Information. The grant is not intended for mere plans of creating research texts or for the financing of comprehensive long-term research. It is meant to be an incentive provided as help in preparing dissertations as well as in the cases when the teacher or student has already agreed on publishing/has published their research results in a specific publishing house or periodical.
  • Types of costs to be covered:
    - Personal compensation and scholarships (CZK 150 to CZK 500 per standard page; the top limit is intended only for texts published in highly prestigious international impacted periodicals and publications; the grant is not provided for dissertations),
    - Services (contribution to covering the cost of translation, transcription of research interviews, research, proofreading),
    - Material (e.g., purchasing books, DVD and other small tangible/intangible assets)
  • Application:
    - Every year from 1 February to 15 November
    - The application should contain:
    • If a text is already completed, attach it to the e-mail in .pdf (author’s manuscript or the published text),
    • For research texts, the title and date of publication and the expected scope (standard pages),
    • Requested amount with items specified,
    • Name, Department, year of study and the expected date of completion of studies (for students),
    • Applications should be e-mailed to the grant officer at petra.horka@famu.cz
  • Grant assignment process:
    • The Vice-Dean for Research and Development makes the decisions as whether or not to provide the grant;
    • The applicant will receive a notification on the result within one month from the submission of the application;
    • There is no title to the grant; it is provided from the currently available funds intended for research and development as part of FAMU’s long-term systematic development;
    • The assessment of the applications takes into consideration the scientific and inventive quality of the text, the stature of the periodical or publishing house that has published (or will publish) it, and value of the text for the development of scholarly thinking at FAMU and of the applicant.
  • Obligations connected with the grant for the completion and publication of a research text:

    A successful applicant shall:

    - Always mention their affiliation with Akademie múzických umění v Praze, Filmová a televizní fakulta / Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Film and TV School) in the published text next to their name;
    - Submit grant reference regarding an unpublished article or the manuscript of the article along with the information on the ongoing phase of the review procedure; published texts shall be submitted either in .pdf or in printed form.


  • Intended for: academic and scientific staff at FAMU, doctoral students
  • Objectives of the support: developing scientific research through external grants with applications submitted to the Czech Science Foundation (GAČR, https://gacr.cz/), Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR, https://www.tacr.cz/), European Research Council (ERC, grants as part of Horizon Europe, https://www.horizontevropa.cz/cs), Ministry of Culture (NAKI, programme; https://www.mkcr.cz/program-naki-iii-program-na-podporu-aplikovaneho-vyzkumu-v-oblasti-narodni-a-kulturni-identity-na-leta-2023-az-2030-2500.html), etc.
  • Procedure for obtaining grants: Before you start writing your application, consult Vice-Dean for Science and Research Helena Bendová (helena.bendova@famu.cz) first with regard to your research plan and plan for submitting an application – do this at least two or three months before the application deadline. The school – not the researcher – submits grant applications to the above institutions, so it is necessary to agree on all the principal parameters (type of project, type of output, members of the research team, sources of financing and co-financing, etc.). If your grant application is approved for submission internally at the Faculty and at AMU, we will offer you methodological and administrative support in writing our application, and you can get a financial reward for the time and work that you put into the preparation of your application (the amount depends on the difficulty of each specific application).