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Call for FAMU research teams

Call for FAMU research teams 2024–2026

Vice-Dean of FAMU for Science and Research Helena Bendová announces a call for FAMU research teams to submit applications for support for the 2024–2026 period. Two winning research teams selected by the Grant Committee of FAMU will be incorporated into the three-year FAMU Institutional Research Plan and, subject to the subsequent approval by the Grant Committee of AMU, will receive financial support for their activities between 2024 and 2026. The call is intended for the support of research teams whose work is connected with areas of research relevant to FAMU and has the potential for further development as part of long-term projects including large external grants.

Conditions of the call:

  • The project implementation period must end in December 2026.
  • The budget for each project year should be approximately CZK 770,000.
    • The support is intended primarily for personnel costs (salaries, agreements to complete a job, agreements to perform work, scholarships). If the project team does not involve a dedicated office worker, only personnel costs are eligible; if the team includes an office worker, other types of costs may be included as well (travel, procurement, services etc.).
  • The main researcher must be an internal FAMU academic and/or researcher. Team members may include externs as well as FAMU’s doctoral students.
  • The research team must have at least three researchers (including the main researcher).
  • The supported teams will have to submit a progress report of at least one standard page, summarising the project progress and output, to the Vice-Dean of FAMU for Science and Research by 15 November of the first and second project year.
  • Any material changes in the project are subject to the rules analogous to those of the AMU Project Competition (refer to Rector’s Decree No. 15/2023). This means that changes in the project team, planned output (quantity and nature), and the timing of output publication are subject to the approval of the respective Vice-Rector of AMU further to an opinion of FAMU’s Vice-Dean for Science and Research.  
  • Following project completion, the main researcher must submit the final report of at least two standard pages by 15 January 2027. The report must sum up the results and course of the project, budget drawdown, and the reasons for changes, if any.
    • The project’s published output, if any, must be attached to the final report, and is subject to rules analogous to those of the AMU Project Competition (refer to Rector’s Decree No. 15/2023); this means that the output may be attached to the final report either in its published form including in .pdf format or as a manuscript. With book manuscripts, a statement from the publishing house that plans to release the book must be included, and the book must be released within two years of project completion. With article manuscripts, the final report must include information as to the current stage of the review process and the text must be published within one year of project completion.

Priorities of the Grant Committee of FAMU in the assessment of applications (applications are not expected to satisfy all of these priorities at once):

  • Good RIV output of the project (e.g. a collective monograph, articles, conferences, methodologies etc.)
  • Potential for the team to continue developing the research topic and, subsequently, submit an application for a major external grant (GAČR, TAČR, Horizon Europe, NAKI…)
  • Research topic relevant for the development of the current thinking specific to FAMU and in terms of connection with the Faculty (e.g. potential for the presentation of project output in instruction, doctoral students’ involvement, etc.)
  • Innovative potential for evolving the discourse of contemplating audiovisual art
  • Team involving researchers who consistently achieved and published good quality RIV output in the past
  • Development of inter-department cooperation

Parameters of the applications:

  • The application must include:
    • Research topic
    • Names of the main researcher and researchers
    • Project content and objectives (including an explanation of the methodology, relevance, and topicality of the research)
    • Activity plan (a brief description of the activities necessary for the successful implementation of the project and the years when the results will be achieved and published)
    • Expected project output (primarily results that can be registered in the RIV; in the application, state their quantity and type based on the Methodology 17+, including for example information on the scope and method of publication)
    • Brief budget (for personnel cost applicable to internal employees, do not forget to add statutory levies of 35.22% to the gross salary amount; if the project and its output is to be co-financed from other sources as well, list the actual sources and their scope, including information on the extent to which such other sources have been secured to date and on the effect this circumstance will have on the reporting of results in the RIV for FAMU)
    • Researchers’ CVs
  • The application in Czech and/or English should comprise 2–5 standard pages excluding the CVs and should be submitted as a .docx and/or .pdf file.
  • Prior to submission, you may discuss your application with Vice-Dean for Science and Research Helena Bendová (helena.bendova@famu.cz) and Grant Methodologist Petra Horká (petra.horka@famu.cz).
  • Submit your final application to helena.bendova@famu.cz before or on 21 November 2023.

Call schedule:

  • Deadline for the submission of applications: 21 November 2023
  • Decision of the Grant Committee of FAMU: by mid-December 2023
  • Decision of the Grant Committee of AMU (approving FAMU’s overall Institutional Research Plan): by the end of February 2024