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The Best FAMU Thesis/Dissertation Award

Winner of the Best Thesis of FAMU 2022

David Ticháček from the Department of Cinematography is the winner of the won the Best Thesis of FAMU 2022 award for the academic year 2021/22 with his diploma thesis, Aspekty svícení ve virtuálním prostoru (Aspects of Lighting in the Virtual Space). Bruno Grandino, a Department of Cinematography graduate, has won an honorary mention for his diploma thesis entitled The Portrayal of Reality in Films after Italian Neorealism. The main prize winner will receive prize money of CZK 15,000 and the honorary mention winner wins CZK 5,000 Kč. The panel of experts comprising Helena Bendová (Vice-Dean of FAMU for Science and Research), Martin Šrajer (film scholar and critic also active as an editor of Film a doba and Filmový přehled ) and David Čeněk (Vice-Dean of FAMU for International Relations) would like to congratulate the winners. The jurors justify their selection from the seven initially nominated diploma theses as follows:

Main prize

David Ticháček: Aspekty svícení ve virtuálním prostoru

The author explains the basic principles of lighting in the virtual space in a comprehensible manner and using specific examples and his own diagrams. The jury finds the text to be highly topical considering the topic under investigation, carefully prepared, and usable in practice.

Honorary mention

Bruno Grandino: The Portrayal of Reality in Films after Italian Neorealism

Based on an analysis of specific scenes, the graduate discusses the differences in visual style between neorealist films and classic Hollywood films. The jury appreciates the text for its detailed insight into the work of cinematographers and a more general conceptualisation of the topic of realism in cinematography.

You can read both award-winning essays under the links provided above.