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AMU Project Competition


Filip Malý, in charge of the agenda of the Vice-Rector for Development, is announcing the AMU Project Competition, the rules of which are defined by Rector’s Decree No. 15/2023, with the deadline for the submission of electronic applications being 13 November 2023 (2:00 pm).

The competition is intended for academics, researchers, and post-doctoral students in financial support of research activities leading to the development of research and/or artistic research output.


  • For 2024, the competition is open for research projects with total project term of 1–3 years. The maximum project period for standard projects is three years (the fourth year, intended for the publication of the results, may follow the project period. Grants can be used only for editorial/publishing and similar costs during the fourth year). Junior projects have a maximum project period of two years.

  • The financial backing of the competition depends on the amount of institutional support for long-term concept development of research organisations.
  • The project result should ideally be an output that can be included in the Register of Information on Results (RIV) under the current Methodology for the Evaluation of Research Organisations’ Results.
  • Applicants shall submit grant applications using the required form to Petra Horká (petra.horka@famu.cz) in electronic format before or on the set deadline.
  • For projects under which output in the form of book publication is planned for release through Nakladatelství AMU (AMU Publishing), the applicant shall apply with the Head of NAMU Jan Heller (jan.heller@amu.cz) for the relevant budget to be prepared by the publishing house at least one week prior to the submission of the application. If the release is planned through an external publisher, it is possible to plan in the project only the costs of covering the expected loss of the publisher; detailed information is available in the relevant Decree.
  • The project will be initially evaluated by the FAMU Grant Committee and the AMU Grant Committee will make the final decision; the FAMU GC evaluation is not binding on the AMU GC.

We recommend discussing your project plans in terms of content and methodology with Vice-Dean Helena Bendová (helena.bendova@famu.cz) sufficiently in advance before the application submission deadline. With regard to the preparation of the project budget, or if you have other questions on how to complete the forms, contact the Faculty grant official Petra Horká (petra.horka@famu.cz). The Faculty Grant Committee will not recommend any applications showing formal or conceptual shortcomings for approval.



  • Competition call: 25 September 2023

  • Information meeting with applicants on Faculty level: Room U2, 13 Oct, 1:00 pm
  • Deadline for the submission of electronic applications: 13 November 2023 (2:00 pm)
  • Meeting of the FAMU Grant Committee: by 12 January 2024
  • Meeting of the AMU Grant Committee: publication of the decision on approval / non approval / approval with budget cuts: by 16 February 2024

Information and rules for approved projects:

  • Having completed the project, researchers shall submit the final report in electronic format using the required form by 31 January of the following year, providing a comprehensible project cost accounts and physical results of the project and/or, if applicable, justifying any deviations from the initial project plan. Subsequently, the final version of the report with the researcher’s signature shall also be submitted in the printed form.

  • Researchers under multiple-year grants shall submit project status reports for each project year elapsed by 15 February of the following year. Subsequently, the final version of the report with the researcher’s signature shall also be submitted in the printed form.
  • If the project output is a book, a copy or a manuscript of it must be attached to the final report along with a confirmation from a specialised publishing house to the effect that they received the manuscript and plan on releasing it within two years of the issue of the confirmation, and that the manuscript is at least at the stage of being submitted to an editor or for review. The resultant book should be published within two years from project completion. In the event of a technical article that has not been published yet, the final report must be accompanied by a manuscript and a notice regarding the ongoing stage of the review procedure. The article should be published within one year from project completion.
  • Dedication of project outputs: ‘Tato studie/publikace/kapitola vznikla v rámci projektu “xxx”, který byl podpořen z prostředků MŠMT poskytnutých Akademii múzických umění v Praze na dlouhodobý koncepční rozvoj v roce xxxx. // This study/publication/ chapter is the outcome of the project "xxx" that was supported by The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports – Institutional Support for Longterm Development of Research Organizations – Academy of Performing Arts in Prague in xxxx’. It is necessary to always state the author’s affiliation with the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.



Rector’s Decree No. 15/2023, competition call and schedule, application form: https://www.amu.cz/en/science-and-research/grant-competitions-amu/project-competition-amu/?