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AS FAMU by-election - Results

AS FAMU by-election - Results

The AS FAMU by-election took place on 14 and 15 February, preceded by the presentations of all candidates on 13 February. I would like to thank everybody involved for their presentations and, most importantly, for making the evening happen in an unusually peaceful and decent manner.

The election panel met at FAMU, room 7 at 4 pm on 15 February after the end of the second and final day of the election.

The election panel stated that the election took place in a due and regular manner, in accordance with the Election Rules and Rules of Procedure of the AS FAMU. A total of 239 ballots were handed in, including 239 valid ones and 0 invalid ballot.

As of the date of the election, the FAMU academic community has 615 eligible voters (123 teachers and 492 students). There is a threshold of 25% or 154 of eligible voters for the election to be relevant.

The sum of signatures of the eligible voters who voted, contained in the teacher and student lists, indicate that 238 members of the academic community took part in the election (69 teachers and 169 students). 239 ballot papers were handed in, 1 voter probably did not sign in. Given that the situation did not affect the outcome of the elections, the commission decided to disregard the fact and count the vote.

Election turnout: 38,7%

The election is valid in accordance with clause 2.12. of the Election Rules of AS FAMU.

Election results
Teacher Chamber (number of votes in the brackets)
Elected members of the AS FAMU (degrees omitted)
1.    Petr Marek (144 votes)
2.    Petr Kubica (118 votes)
3.    Eliška Děcká (114 votes)

Substitutes for co-opting to the AS FAMU *)
Karla Stojáková (100 votes)
Tereza Brdečková (80 votes)
Pavel Rejholec (68 votes)

Student Chamber (degrees omitted)
Elected members of the AS FAMU
1.    Martin Kohout (148 votes)

Substitute for co-opting to the AS FAMU *)
Kristina Škodová (86 votes)

*) In accordance with clause 2.12. of the Election Rules of AS FAMU)

15. 2. 2019

Responsible for correctness: Pavla Klimešová (Chair of the AS FAMU Election Panel), Greta Stocklassa (member AS FAMU), Jakub Jirásek (student of Department of directing)

We congratulate all senators elect.


15. February 2019