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Dear Colleagues,

The epidemiologic situation in Prague is not developing favourably. The coronavirus hits orchestras, theatre companies and tertiary schools, severely curtailing their activities. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt reasonable precautions on the level of AMU to ensure that we can deliver on our mission – to teach, study, create and expore. We need to avoid making the situation light and taking risks irresponsibly as well as spreading panic and an atmosphere of fear. Fear is in direct opposition to the very meaning of artistic creation, which requires personal courage.

The principal risk is that the virus will be transported to our school from outside. The risk is highest during social events where large numbers of people are in close contact in unventilated rooms. What I have in mind are in particular bars, discos and night restaurants. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you, students, refrain from such activities in your leisure time for the sake of quality of your art school studies, and socialise as much as possible in open air and while maintaining a safe distance. Those of you who are living in school dormitories should follow the measures adopted by the dormitory management.
Always use face masks in shared closed areas at school. When dwelling in classrooms, make sure to ventilate often. Make sure to observe sanitary measures.

The end of the academic year, state final examinations, preparations for art performances and the beginning of the winter semester scheduled for 1 October are all ahead of us. Many of our programmes require direct physical contact. We need to uphold the full standards of hands-on art training in accordance with the accreditation, which is why we need to be careful while not in school. This is in the interest of students, teachers and the school as a whole. Therefore, make maximum efforts not to combine various study groups unless shared subjects require this. During shared classes, use protective aids as much as possible or conduct distance classes.
The specific observance of curricula is the responsibility of the Deans, which is why I expect them to adopt measures specifying the conditions under which teaching is possible without compromise.
In other words: as long as circumstances allow and until they force us otherwise, AMU will always prefer full-value teaching to exaggerated concerns.

The graduate performances and other artistic presentations as part of school are subject to the measures of the Ministry of Health: viewers (people from outside the school, teachers and students) must wear protective aids (masks, shields) during the entire presentation.

Furthermore, it is necessary to guarantee and safeguard the standard mode of operation of academic bodies, in particular academic senates and artistic councils, in order to uphold the principles of academic self-government and career progression of academic personnel. The elections of the Rector of AMU and the Dean of DAMU are ahead. Neither candidate nominations nor the actual election should take place in the distance mode. Similarly, the habilitation procedure and the appointment of professors require physical presence of the members of artistic councils. With a view to ensuring that people are protected better, those sessions shall take place in rooms that are large enough to ensure safe distances (theatre halls, concert halls, cinema halls, large classrooms).

For detailed instructions, please follow the AMU website where we will provide information on the current measures and ordinances as they are adopted.

Jan Hančil
Rector of AMU


1. September 2020