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Our ability to verbally and visually articulate contemporary issues is hampered by a kind of delay in understanding the unpredictable evolution of the global world. The need to revise the means of expression is inscribed in everyday communication, forcing us to name new phenomena and seek new forms. Once upon a time, on distant islands, a civilization maintained its understanding of the world through pictorial signs, whose inimitable universe may speak through eloquent visuality, but there is no equivalent for its content transcription in today’s world. It is the clear inspiration by natural forms that reminds us of our present limits, the normative aspect of today’s world and the loss of our ability to symbiosis with nature. Aware of permanent temporality, the information hidden in the most recent visual records is an attempt to bridge the distance that the current narrative puts between us and our nature.

Mariana Serranová

The exhibition of graduate projects presents current art work in the field of photography and new media in the studios Classic Photography, Documentary Photography, New Aesthetics, Imaginative Photography and Intermedia.

Andrej Kiripolský, Nikol Czuczorová, Lenka Janíčková, Klára Žantová, Jiří Procházka, Veronika Čechmánková, Dominika Červená, Petr Pustina, Jakub Hons, Tatiana Lvovská, Tomáš Vobořil, Anna Vopátková, Anushka Gambhir, Madison Sable, Juan Cevallos, Ekaterina Fonina, Gabriela Benish-Kalná, Alice Ullspergerová, Anna Pavel

The opening will take place on June 6 at 6 pm.

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am till 6 pm 

6. June 2022