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Project OIRFET (Open innovative resources for filmmaking education and training) is an outcome of longtime cooperation between four film schools (Lodz Film School, FAMU in Prague, VŠMU in Bratislava and ADU in Zagreb). Project was financed by Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships and its results were succesfully presented during international conference of GEECT association in Lodz (more about conference here).

The main purpose of this world unique project was to create educational resources to fullfil specific needs when teaching creative film editing. Practical excercises focused on Space, Time, Point of view and Visual Style were developed during intensive and passionate three-year cooperation of 20 teachers and 80 students. On-line accessible film footage and assignments are recommended especially (but not only) for high school and university students and teachers interested in creative film editing.

Excercises are accessible and free to use from here:

The goal for students and teachers at FAMU was to develop a film footage encouraging creative solutions of time phenomenon in narrative editing. The story was inspired by the very first succesfull transplantation of human heart in Czechoslovakia in 1968. Student Ondřej Nuslauer became screenwriter and director, supported with mentors Tomáš Doruška, Michal Reich, Ivo Trajkov, Martin Čihák, Adam Brothánek (all from Department of Editing, FAMU).

Projekt OIRFET běžel od 21. 12. 2018 do 20. 12. 2021.

FAMU vedoucí řešitel: MgA. Tomáš Doruška, Katedra střihové skladby
FAMU odborný asistent: MgA. Adam Brothánek, Katedra střihové skladby
Projektová manažerka: Silvie Demartini

1. February 2022