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We would like to inform students of departments of documentary film, editing and production about a unique module "dok.incubator close up". The international dok.incubator workshop is focused on development of documentary projects in the rough-cut stage. We lead the participants to conclude strong dramaturgy of the final cut and its clever marketing and distribution strategy to reach wide international audience. The program consists of 3 follow-up workshops and individual consultations between the sessions. The workshop also provides an exceptional opportunity to establish contacts with the internationally recognised filmmakers.

At the seminar, you will try out the position of a festival selector. You will get access to 4 entry forms of international titles submitted to dok.incubator workshop 2023 including the actual version of the cut, treatment, synopsis, budget, etc. After screening the AV materials (rough cut or edited scenes, teaser) and reading the texts, you will write comments to each of the projects and mark them, giving your personal reasons of the selection you make. We will discuss your selection at the following lecture under the guidance of dok.incubator director Andrea Prenghyová.



24. February 2023