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We invite FAMU students and the entire Academy of Performing Arts in Prague to participate in the module CARBON CALCULATORS IN THE AUDIOVISUAL INDUSTRY. The theme will be guided by Zuzana Bieliková, Hana de Goeij, and Aneta Kožuszniková - experts practicing green filming in both the Czech and European contexts.

  • DATE, TIME, PLACE: March 22nd, 10:00-15:00, Classroom U4 at FAMU 
  • Language: both Czech and English /based on attendance/


Within the module, we will explore sustainability principles in the context of major production studios and from the perspective of the future development of European audiovisuals. We will delve into case studies, and the practical part of the module will introduce tools that simplify the implementation of these principles on set, as well as the soon-to-be mandatory process of ESG reporting. The module will present carbon calculator tools that facilitate the prioritization of areas to focus on for reducing the carbon footprint, their significance, and the context of the role of these tools in the environment. The module will be led by experts practicing green filming in both domestic and European settings.


Module graduates will be able to prioritize areas to focus on for sustainability principles on set, ensuring their efforts have the greatest impact. They will be able to identify areas of risk from a carbon emissions perspective. They will be practically capable of utilizing carbon calculator tools and will understand the European and global context of their use.


1 credit


As part of the practical component of the module, we will be using one of the most widely used carbon calculators: Albert. Please create an account on this page in advance (ideally 2 days before the module): https://calc.wearealbert.org/login (the company Albert must confirm your registration, so please do so in advance).


Zuzana Bielikova is a producer and manager at the Slovak Film Agency. She has long been developing the topic of sustainable audiovisuals in Slovakia, contributing to the development of the Green Platform and the preparation of the European carbon calculator, Eureca.

Hana de Goeij is Head of Sustainable Production and Responsible Content for the CME media group. Her goal is to minimize the carbon footprint of television productions while inspiring viewers to think about their relationship with the planet and their surroundings. She was involved in formulating the ESG strategy for the CME group and currently leads its implementation. Hana has worked as an external contributor to the New York Times, focusing on a wide range of political, social, and cultural topics in the context of the Czech Republic. Hana collaborated on a series of articles that won the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting in 2017. She holds degrees in International Relations and European Studies and Journalism. She previously worked in the Office of the President of the Czech Republic, the European Parliament, and as a media skills trainer for domestic and international entities.

Aneta Kožuszniková leads carbon footprint calculation and ESG reporting projects for TV stations in the CME group (including TV Nova). Aneta is an advocate for the planet and a vegan. She organized the first Green Week for the CME group. Her background is in social sciences. She spent part of her student and then professional career in London, focusing on transforming care for adults with autism. Aneta was involved in the inception of the green filming strategy at CME from the beginning. Along with Hana de Goeij, she reached out to the ALBERT platform from BAFTA, with whom CME initiated cooperation in 2021, thus beginning the development of green filming not only in the CME group.


  1. European Commission Recommendation on measuring carbon footprint: link
  2. European Booklet for Green Productions: link
  3. Report on greening the audiovisual industry: link


Aneta Kožuszniková 

Hana de Goeij

Zuzana Bielikova

13. March 2024