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We cordially invite students and teachers to take part in the learning module titled “Some Propositions in Artistic Research in Film”, which will be led by Jyoti Mistry, a filmmaker and an expert in artistic research in film. The objective of the module is to present a highly topical concept of artistic research in the film context. As part of the course, methodological procedures of artistic research will be discussed on the basis of case studies; the lecturer will also focus in-depth on the role of writing as a part of artistic research. The module will take place on 5 and 19 March. The first, freely accessible, session will be focused on a theoretical take on the topic of artistic research in film; the second session will be a seminar where students’ projects will be discussed.

Jyoti Mistry is a Professor of film at the Gothenburg University. She works as a filmmaker and as a researcher; she has made award-winning films in various genres and installations drawing on the film tradition, which she usually re-contextualises for gallery and museum presentations outside linear film experience. She has published papers on artistic research, pedagogy, race, archive and memory.

Find out more at https://www.gu.se/en/about/find-staff/jyotimistry.


25. February 2021