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This one-day event will be held in the premises of the Film and Tv Faculty in Bratislava, Slovakia. It focuses on the importance of independent values in the teaching of film studies and film making. After the fall of communism former socialist countries faced the challenge of democracy, a new system that had to be learnt and implemented. We want to share our development through this process, discuss the main milestones, offer our points of view and experiences and search for new approaches towards future growth and development. This is a chance for European documentary teachers to meet and discuss issues that we are and have been continuously facing. Europe is now faced directly with the actuality of war, this fact confronts and challenges the approach of our students and teachers. We would like to create a forum for communication that exchanges ideas, opens critical debate and engages with the issues that European documentary film making is confronted with.

Deadline: 10th of September 2022

Contact: Jana Keeble – jana.keeble@vsmu.sk

29. August 2022