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You are invited to the exhibition of Czech artist Artur Magrot to be held at GAMU from 10 August to 9 September, curated by Nina Michlovská. The official opening is scheduled for 9 August, 6 pm.

Over the course of the recent year, Artur Magrot has consciously resorted to continuous homelessness, driven by his incessant urge to seek alternatives to navigating the system, which we are part of whether we like it or not, as well as to verify the values such as home and personal space, which we were forced to view from entirely new perspectives during the pandemic time. He has processed his insights in his texts and visual recordings. Using thermal cameras, he scanned his temporary shelters – places of heat accumulation. In an attempt at capturing the invisible yet present imprints of the body, he created, among other things, a bizarre calendar that maps the trajectories of his own movements during the past year. This Instant Game – as he titles his latest project – is over now. For Magrot, it has provided unique experience and a benefits for research into topics that he has been focusing on for a long time, primarily defining one’s own space, exploring the strategies of supervision of power, and the role that modern technologies play in these realms.

The gallery’s opening hours are 1 to 7 pm, Wednesday to Sunday.

2. August 2023