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As the Department of Game Design at Prague’s FAMU completed the first year of its existence, students presented seven original video game projects in Kampus Hybernská.

First year students were designing game prototypes in Michal Berlinger’s workshop. The resultant shorter games test ideas and concepts with various genres and aesthetic approaches, for example PRISMA, a 3D isometric adventure with horror movie elements by Josef Šmíd, Začarovaný čas (Enchanted Time), a 2D atmospheric adventure by Petra Emmerová and Požírač (Devourer) by Kateřina Hanáčková combining shooter and adventure elements.

It is obvious that each game is a truly original personal statement and that students are developing their own approaches to game design. The reactions of game journalists, developers and designers who saw our public presentations confirm this, as most of them were nicely surprised by the complexity of the games,” Head of the Department Andrej Sýkora rates the first ever final commission exams.

The final commission games developed at the Department now have new and unique trailers, which you can view at FAMUFilms, a VOD portal that the school launched this January. Players can download and play most of the games for free. All of the students’ future work will be posted on the web portal, as the case has been with other FAMU Departments. FAMUFilms currently offers more than 300 unique student works created from the beginnings of FAMU to the present time.

Within a year, you can learn how to make a functional prototype in a game engine, turn an idea into an immersive gaming experience and develop stories. You also need to be able to view the gaming industry in perspective and formulate abstract ideas such as the blending of the player’s identity with the game character or humour in games,” says Kateřina Hanáčková. With her other VR game project, she was selected to take part in the KVIFF Talents programme intended to provide support for bold and dynamic projects developed by young audiovisual artists.

I am happy to see that games created by the first ever students of the new Game Design programme have validated the purpose of teaching these subjects: the games are thoughtful, they offer sensible fun and learning, and aesthetically they are both playful and exploratory. I am proud of our students,” says Dean of FAMU Andrea Slováková.

More information about the Department of Game Design is available at Herní design FAMU.

Photo: Požírač - Kateřina Hanáčková

14. July 2022