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The FAMU Free Shop will be installed this week on the ground floor of the Lažanský Palace opposite the reception desk. You had an opportunity to try out Free Shop for one day in the spring. Resulting from the initiative of Department of Production student Ondřej Lukeš, the concept has proven hugely successful, which is why we are launching it permanently. In connection with this, the backyard will be revitalised in the weeks to come, including the addition of plants and new bicycle racks. The goal of these activities is to refresh common areas of the school and make them more welcoming.

The Free Shop rules are simple:

  • Give and take whatever suits you.
  • Clothes, accessories, anything – the sky is the limit.
  • Bring only items that can still be used.
  • Keep the site tidy. Nicely stashed items are welcome.
  • Is anything wrong? Let the administrators know at freeshopfamu©gmail.com

7. June 2022