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Dear Students, dear Members of the Academic Community,

You are cordially invited to the second meeting as part of our FAMU ETICKY/FAMU ETHICAL workshop, which will focus on the topics of diversity and preventing discrimination. The event will be held in Room U1 on Friday, 4 November 2022 from 10:00 am. Ms Klára Čmolíková Cozlová will be our guide.

Together, we will discuss everything that the term ‘diversity’ can cover. We will speak about how we are open to variety and diversity here at FAMU and how we want to foster our own openness and understanding for others. We will ponder preventing discrimination and the existing tools that we can rely on (antidiscrimination laws). In a theoretical introduction, we will learn about the employer’s (school’s) responsibility for creating an accommodating environment for everyone. We will also discuss specific individual needs and the possibility for accommodating them as part of gender-sensitive HR work. After all, this is all about setting up a safe environment and care for both the employees and students of FAMU.

We will try to voice the principles to be enshrined in the newly prepared FAMU Code of Ethics, which is intended to serve as a guide for specific situations that may occur.

Do not miss the opportunity! Everyone across the Faculty community is invited.

Mgr. Klára Čmolíková Cozlová, DiS.

Graduated from a Tertiary Professional School in Social Work, then from the Protestant Theological Faculty, Charles University and from the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Gender Studies. Has worked in social services and non-profit organisations since 2000. She has worked at Život90.cz, Linka Bezpečí help line, Czech Women’s Union, and Open Society. Klára has worked at Gender Studies since 2014, taking part in projects that cover the labour market and equal opportunities. She focuses on gender-sensitive social work and has experience with gender conditioned violence affecting children and the elderly. In terms of gender equality, she is interested in gender-sensitive HR management, age-management, and gender mainstreaming. She is a gender auditor. Klára was a member of AGE Platform Europe Antidiscrimination Expert Group in 2009–2014. She is a founding member of the Gender Expert Chamber and has served as its Vice-Chair since 2018.

31. October 2022