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Considering the current energy crisis, we would like to ask you to contribute to saving energy and observe several simple yet highly efficient principles:

- Turn the light off when leaving the toilets;
- Turn the light off when you are the last one to leave the room;
- Close the windows when the heat is on; if you want to ventilate, open the windows ajar for 10 minutes;
- Do not turn the light on in the corridors if not necessary;
- Shut down the heating radiators for the weekend;
- Work during the daylight if possible.

We have lowered daytime temperature in the rooms at FAMU by one degree from 21–23 °C, so that the room temperature should be at least 20 °C but not higher than 22 °C during the day. This reduction has saved approximately 15% of natural gas consumption. Next summer, a part of the lighting system in Lažanský Palace will be retrofitted to save energy during the scheduled revitalisation and decoration in Lažanský Palace. Please pay attention to posters in the common areas of the school offering tips for environmentally sound (green) filming and recommendations for energy-saving office work.

3. November 2022