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The fundraising in support of Ukrainian students, collected by AMU through its transparent account and FAMU through the FAMU Endowment Fund account is still in progress. 

The funds raised in AMU’s transparent account are used for scholarships and initial assistance to cover the costs of living for the Ukrainian students and teachers fleeing from war-stricken Ukraine. Currently, a fundraising campaign is held for the entire Academy in support of AMU’s transparent account, and the heads of our Departments and other FAMU representatives have been asked to take part. We wish to thank everyone who have distributed information about the account among their friends, colleagues and/or affiliated institutions and companies. We want to use this opportunity and ask everyone who wants to take part in the campaign to contact klaudie.osickova@famu.cz.

In addition, it is possible and desirable to support our Ukrainian colleagues studying at FAMU directly. Many of them are now in a very difficult life situation and the funds raised in the FAMU Endowment Fund account will help them to weather this complicated period. Information on the account is available on our website at FAMU stands with Ukraine - assistance portal | FAMU.

5. April 2022