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Dear Students,

Welcome to the new academic year.

We are opening it under changed and variable circumstances that affect our personal, professional and study lives in many unprecedented ways. The majority of your instruction will take place in a distance mode or in various hybrid forms. You will meet in person less than you have been used to. The school as a whole and the individual departments have been preparing for these methods of teaching. Your teachers face a formidable task of reinventing their subjects, rethinking them and preparing them in a different way. Teaching is a shared process and you play a substantial role in it – you are its co-creators. Online meetings allow for various ways of interactivity and sharing, so do take part in them. If you have ideas and suggestions, talk to your teachers or heads of departments. With the new modes of operation, be teachers too, along with your schoolmates. Deepening our knowledge is the most important shared interest and objective for us all – and whether or not we manage to use the new forms of instruction to that end also depends on us all.

Most of all, I wish you and your loved ones good health. I also wish for the upcoming semester to be beneficial and inspiring to you, albeit in entirely new and perhaps quite unexpected ways.

Andrea Slováková

1. October 2020