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Dean’s Decree No. 21/2020 - Remote and attendance schooling at FAMU from 1 st October 2020

With regard to the current ordinances, a set of ‘traffic lights’ was made for the schooling at FAMU to indicate which subjects will be taught exclusively remotely, which ones will be taught in one or another hybrid form and which ones will be taught in an attendance mode subject to the exemption regarding hands-on teaching and artistic work.

The traffic lights divide subjects into three categories:

Green = the attendance mode. The subject falls within the scope of the exemption regarding artistic work and hands-on teaching. The following rules must be observed: (1) The maximum number of attendees is 15 including the teacher; (2) The subject must be taught within a space (or outdoors, weather permitting) that allows for maintaining 1.5-m distances between attendees. If the room is smaller, the number of attendees must be such as to allow for maintaining 1.5 m distances between attendees; (3) It is imperative to observe safety and sanitary measures (face masks, hand sanitizers, or using rubber gloves) as specified in Dean’s Decrees Nos. 18/2020, 19/2020 and 20/2020 and in the rules for film production issued by the FAMU Studio.

Orange = partial attendance/hybrid mode. The teacher shall inform the students about the specific form, such as: one or some of the classes will take place in the attendance mode (while observing the ‘green’ subject rules) and the rest of the schooling will take place online; or some of the people will be present (typically the teacher and a guest) while others are online (students or some of them).

Red = full remote mode. Teachers may use Department rooms equipped with equipment for remote teaching. For sharing audio-visual teaching material, it is recommended to use CDÚSF (FAMU Studio’s central data depository) – the instructions for using the platform are available here.

Individual consultations on the premises of the school are permitted.

The distribution of the subjects into the individual categories can be found in the schedules here.

The Heads of the Departments and/or the Department staff members appointed by them shall ensure that the categories of subjects and their respective methods of teaching are communicated to all teachers and students.

This Decree takes effect on 1st October 2020.

Thank you.
PhDr. Andrea Slováková, Ph.D., MBA

2. October 2020