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Dear Students and Dormitory Users,

Further to multiple questions regarding the mode of operation at the AMU Dormitory (in particular the payments for accommodation) during the state of emergency under the 2nd wave of the coronavirus pandemic, and with regard to the Current Measure of the Ministry of Education for Tertiary Schools in Connection with COVID-19 dated 13 October 2020, I hereby advise you that even under the state of emergency, all the provisions of your accommodation agreements in force until 30 June 2021 remain effective to the maximum extent. The AMU dormitory remains in operation with the restrictions arising from the cited Measure of the MoE.

Amount of the accommodation charge for October 2020 and related information:
1) For students who have been demonstrably accommodated at AMU Dormitory in the same manner as they were prior to 13 October 2020, the amount of the accommodation charge is not changing and they shall pay the charge in the same amount, i.e., at 100% of the price under the accommodation agreement in force. In order to minimise personal contact between students and receptionists, it is recommended to pay the accommodation using a credit transfer to AMU’s account;

2) For other students who demonstrably do not use AMU Dormitory for accommodation under their accommodation agreements in force (with regard to the MoE Measure of 13 October 2020, issued further to Government Resolution No. 1022 of 12 October 2020 to restrict the operation of tertiary school dormitories), AMU has decided to reduce the accommodation charge by 70% of the price under the accommodation agreement in force. In effect, the amount of the accommodation charge is 30% of the price and this amount applies to the period from 13 October 2020 to 31 October 2020;

3) The accommodation charge due dates under the accommodation agreement in force are not changing;

4) Please be aware that any visits to AMU Dormitory are forbidden until further notice.

Also, please be advised that, under the provisions of the accommodation agreement, AMU has the right, in justified cases during the term of the agreement, to unilaterally change the user’s room by means of a written notice sent to the user sufficiently in advance and to assign a different room to the user for temporary accommodation for a necessary period.

I am confident that this measure will not have to be applied; however, AMU may apply this provision in the event that a person accommodated in AMU Dormitory is demonstrably COVID-19 positive; a notice sent 24 hours prior to changing the room is deemed to be served sufficiently in advance. If this happens, please give us the maximum assistance possible.

Any changes in the amount of the accommodation charge for the period after 31 October 2020 as well as any other changes of the dormitory operation will be notified to all students with accommodation agreements in force in good time, depending on the overall development of the pandemic situation, duration of the state of emergency and restrictions of dormitory operation.

At the same time, I request all students who are currently accommodated in AMU Dormitory to strictly adhere to all measures declared by the government with a view to preventing further spread of the coronavirus, as well as to all provisions of the accommodation agreement.
I thank you for your cooperation and believe that we will manage this difficult period in good health.

Prague, 4 November 2020
Ladislav Paluska

9. November 2020