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F/AMU in cooperation with People in Need has admitted several Belarusian students as part of a special scholarship programme for students disadvantaged by the country’s ruling regime, which was opened at AMU in the academic year 2020/21. Thanks to this, five applicants from Belarus were enabled to study at AMU, and three of them have joined FAMU’s Departments of Directing, Editing, and Photography. They successfully took part in the Synchronization Week held at FAMU International from 20 September.

The process of transfer from Belarus to the Czech Republic started early this year and took until September when the students arrived safely in Prague. It involved a lot of office work and communication with embassies, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education, and the students. The greatest challenge was obtaining visas to allow them to leave Belarus and Ukraine where one of the students had fled from Belarus. Visas were eventually obtained for the students despite the escalation of political situation in Belarus in May when applying for visas was made virtually impossible in most cases.

The Belarusian students finally arrived in Prague on 14 September.

The entire process of admitting the students to FAMU involved the effort of Vice-Dean for International Relations David Čeněk, doctoral student Lea Petříková, FAMU International Coordinator Anna Šlajová, AMU’s Rector’s Office, notably Vice-Rector for International Relations, Artistic Activity and Graduate and Public Relations Prof. Jan Hančil, and coordinator Klára Banotová. We extend our cordial thanks to all of them for their effort.

You can read more about this here.

1. December 2021