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The award for the best diploma thesis of FAMU for the academic year 2019/20 was won by Evgenii Smirnov from the Department of Photography for Infrared imaging as artistic means in photography. An honorable mention was then given to Vendula Guhová, a graduate of the Center for Audiovisual Studies, for her diploma thesis entitled Radiofonické skladby Pavla Novotného. The winner of the first prize receives a reward of CZK 10,000.

The expert commission composed of Andrea Slováková (Dean of FAMU), Helena Bendová (Vice-Dean of FAMU for Science and Research) and Martin Šrajer (film researcher and critic working, among others, as the editor of the magazines Film a doba and Filmový přehled) congratulate the winners. They justified their choice, from the originally 11 nominated diploma theses, as follows:

The main prize
Evgenii Smirnov: Master's Thesis - Evgenii Smirnov.pdf

In his dedicated, logically structured text, the author examines the historical development and the current possibilities of using infrared light in art photography in a readable, clear and with the help of a number of illustrative examples. The Commission considers the text to be exceptional in terms of content discovery and consistent work with the literature, as well as critical analytical reflections on the works.

Special recognition
Vendula Guhová: Diplomová práce - Vendula Guhová.pdf

In her original research, the author presents a creator from a non-dominant stream of sound art, consistently works with sources and also contextualizes the analytically hitherto little-processed area of audio production. The author also makes appropriate use of her knowledge based on practical experience with creation, thanks to which she is also conceptually related to the creative methods discussed.

You can read both award-winning texts at the links above.

27. November 2020