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Gender Equality Plan 2024-2027

The equality of women and men has been a priority in the recent years not only on a European level but also in the legislative and research environments in the individual states. In the European Union, gender equality is seen as a key value and is supported through various documents and programmes geared towards eliminating gender inequalities in various areas of life. It is of key importance in the context of research organisations and institutions, as research and innovation should reflect the diversity in society and afford equal opportunities to both women and men.

In accordance with these principles, the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) commits to encourage gender equality through its Gender Equality Plan (GEP). This strategic document systemically defines the process towards fostering equality and diversity within the Faculty. This commitment is not merely formal – it is perceived as an integral part of the principles of the Faculty’s operation, purporting to create a fair and inclusive environment for everyone.

FAMU’s Gender Equality Plan is based on the priority axes that adopt measures in the fields of work-life balance, equal opportunities in leadership and decision-making positions, recruitment and career development, inclusion of the gender dimension in research, and prevention of gender-based violence. These areas reflect on the needs of the research and educational environment, which strives to eliminate obstacles to full development of talent regardless of gender.

The objective of the GEP at FAMU is not only to create a fair and transparent working environment but also to encourage equal opportunities for women and men in all aspects of professional life, fostering an environment for achieving a better work-life balance, offering equal opportunities for career development, and support the inclusion of a gender perspective in research and educational programmes.

Another important element is educating the employees and students on gender equality and raising the awareness of these issues. Monitoring and annual evaluation of the measures adopted will be key to successful implementation and long-term effects of the GEP at FAMU.