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Employees and students may move about FAMU premises and participate in the hands-on teaching only if the following conditions are met:

- Mandatory wearing of airway protective equipment (nose, mouth) such respirators or similar protective items in all interior areas of AMU facilities;

- Absence of acute health issues corresponding to an infectious virus disease (e.g., fever, coughing, breathing difficulties, sudden loss of the sense of taste and smell, etc.);

- Mandatory sanitising of hands upon entering examination rooms or classrooms;

- Absence of an ordered quarantine during the relevant time;

- It is recommended to ventilate the rooms in which the examination or practical schooling takes place at least once every 30 minutes.

During Art (hands-on) teaching and practice in the premises of Studio FAMU and outside Studio FAMU it is necessary to follow the current instructions of Studio FAMU.

Instructions for hands-on art instruction - filming and operational information of the Studio FAMU are continuously updated HERE.

In connection with the provision of a hygienic environment during the hands-on teaching and f artistic activities and the prevention of quarantine measures, it is the duty of each staff member to continue to comply with:

- antigen testing once a week FAMU / Studio FAMU provide testing in the premises of Studio FAMU - details and schedule HERE;

- take care to protect the mouth and nose with a respirator or similar protective device and observe other hygienic measures (distances / hand hygiene).

The presence of foreign persons in FAMU buildings (Lažanský Palace, FAMU rooms at Tržiště 20, FAMU Studio, Beroun Accommodation and Training Facility, Institute of Intermedia facilities) is allowed only on the basis of appointment with a FAMU employee made in advance. On entering the premises, such persons must prove themselves by a negative PCR or antigen test for COVID-19 not older than 7 days or solemn declaration of having COVID-19 in the last 180 days, or by a vaccination certificate; visitors must also register themselves in the visitors log at the reception desk of each individual FAMU building, including the visitor’s telephone number to allow for tracing. Persons with serious respiratory disease symptoms, in particular with a loss of the sense of taste and smell and increased body temperature, are prohibited from entering any and all AMU buildings.

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