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Instructions when experiencing symptoms of viral desease

1. If you develop symptoms of the COVID-19 disease*, even in a mild form, please contact your general practitioner and the head of your Department and/or workplace (FAMU Studio: Ondřej Šejnoha; office colleagues: Secretary Viera Hladišová). Do not enter the premises of AMU and if possible, stay home.

especially a body temperature of 37 °C or higher, coughing, breathing difficulties, digestive difficulties, loss of the sense of taste or smell or overall weakness

2. If you test COVID-19 positive, immediately inform the head of your Department and/or workplace (FAMU Studio: Ondřej Šejnoha; office colleagues: Secretary Viera Hladišová).

3. A positive COVID-19 test is a personal and sensitive information - Heads of Departments are kindly asked to treat it as such and to only disclose it if the disclosure serves to immediately protect the health of the recipient of such information. The Head of the Department should first call Secretary Viera Hladišová, mobile telephone number 723 821 954 (if the Secretary is unavailable, call the Dean).

4. Since the patient must report to the City Health Station. m. Prague (Prague public health authority) and list their contacts, the City Health Station. m. Prague will contact them and instruct them with regard to quarantine and testing. However, as the City Health Station. m. Prague Hygiene Station is very busy and contacting the person takes up to four days, the school also enters contact tracing. The school does so in order to reduce the risk of infection of those students, teachers and other people who have come into contact with the person. We have no authority to quarantine anyone but we can ask them to stay quarantined voluntarily.

5. The Secretary Viera Hladišová will contact the patient(s) sensitively with regard to their health condititon and ask them for a list of people from school that they were in contact with within 2 days (light symptoms) or 7 days (serious symptoms) before testing. The persons are defined as follows (based on instructions from the sanitary authority): people who were together with the infected person in a closed room at a distance of less than 1.5 m for more than 15 minutes. The list and contacts to such people are confidential.

6. The Secretary will arrange with the head of the workplace and appoint the person (assistant, Head, deputy) who will be authorised to contact such people. The authorised person will receive a list of contacts, call each one of them and inform them as follows: You got in touch with a person who was tested COVID-19 positive within the past five days. The public health authority will contact you. Before they do, we would like to ask you to stay quarantined voluntarily until the public health authority contacts you with instructions regarding quarantine and testing. (If you ask us whether you should take a COVID-19 test, you can do so based on your personal decision, but you might be also instructed to do so by the public health authority, in which case the test is paid by a health insurance company.)

Updated September 21 at 6:00 PM

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