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Useful information at the pandemic time


The pandemic experience has transformed the way we teach and the way that students and teachers interact, as well as our connection with the school, the premises of the individual Departments, the FAMU Studio and other FAMU facilities. Meetings, teaching, consultations and examinations have moved over to the virtual space. This is a relatively new experience for many of us.

In this section of the website, we are gathering useful information for you – in relation to both the development of the epidemic situation and the resulting government and our school’s internal policies, and the knowledge (methods and tools) for distance learning, consulting and examining.

We will update the information provided here on an ongoing basis with input from the academic community, whether this regards pointing out issues that we should work on so that we can be prepared for similar situations, suggestions for improving processes and making them simpler, good practice examples, or tips for useful tools and instructions. We welcome any note or reflections you may have with regard to teaching, consultations and examination during the quarantine to our e-mail address: klaudie.osickova@famu.cz