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Organisational Structure

The establishment of the Faculties´ Grant Committees (hereinafter “FGKs”) is stipulated by Art. 6 of the Rector´s Decree no. 9/2016


  • Each FGK has a total of 7 members and is composed of the Dean, Vice-Dean for Science and Research, three members of the academic community (academic staff members) and two external staff members.
  • Both the internal and the external committee members are selected, appointed and removed from office by the Dean of the relevant Faculty.
  • The FGK members have a two-year term of office. The members may be re-elected.
  • The FGK has a quorum if more than one half of the members attend the meeting.
  • The FGK Secretary is a staff member from the Faculty´s Grant Department. .


The FAMU GC currently has the following members:

Mgr. Helena Bendová

PhDr. David Čeněk

Mgr. Pavol Fabuš

Mgr. Jakub Korda, Ph.D.

Ph.D. Tomáš Oramus

PhDr. Andrea Slováková, Ph.D., MBA

doc. PhDr. Kateřina Svatoňová, Ph.D.
Mgr. Petra Horká, FGK Secretary

The Faculty´s Grant Committee

  • Compiles the proposed sequence order of the Faculty´s project applications for the Student Grant Competition (SGS) in relation to the granting of funds based on the evaluation criteria as stipulated in item 2, art. 7 of the Rector´s Decree no. 9/2016; the Committee may also propose a reduction of the project budget, or co-financing by the Faculty; the Committee votes to accept, refuse or accept a project with budget cut.
  • Discusses significant changes in SGS projects in progress in relation to the stakeholder, funding (changes amounting to over 20 % of the approved budget) or schedule which might affect further progress or results of the project concerned. The changes are subsequently approved by the Vice-Dean for Science and Research. In case any shortcomings are discovered when the progress or use of project funds is checked, the Grant Committee members, Vice-Dean for Science and Research or Vice-Rector for Science and Research may propose early termination of the project.
  • Assesses the final reports from such SGS projects which have not been evaluated by the Vice-Dean for Science and Research as clearly “achieved and completed”.
  • According to item 3.V. of the Rector´s Decree no. 6/2015, the Committee compiles the sequence order of the project applications submitted to the AMU Project Competition, including recommendation/non-recommendation for funding of the full budget, or with budget cuts.  The AMU Grant Committee votes  on the acceptance, refusal or acceptance with budget cuts of all projects, taking into consideration the Faculty´s recommendations – the Grant Committee votes even on projects which were not recommended for funding by the relevant faculty.