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Organisational Structure

Stanislav b. bohačík


Bursar takes care of the economic functioning of the faculty, the building, and its equipment, the safety of employees, and manages the work of technical and economic workers – the good souls thanks to whom the everyday operation of departments and the entire faculty functions.

Stanislav B. Bohačík has worked for the past twenty years as a project and operational or economic manager. He has experience in crisis and financial management. He studied at the Faculty of Law, Charles University, and Université Fribourg. He has worked as a project manager for the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, financial manager, economic and operational director, and executive director of several companies, as well as a project manager at Charles University, where he prepared and managed large-scale international projects. He is a member of the International Project Management Association (IPMA), where he served as Vice President from 2019 to 2020 and previously as the head of the section for young project managers in the Czech Republic. He is also a member of S.č.p. Všehrd.

Mr. Bohačík focuses on financial management with a significant emphasis on multi-source financing. He has experience in creating and utilizing project and investment budgets, and as a project manager, he is accustomed to coordinating large teams and implementing various overlapping budgetary actions. His professional focus is on labor law and the restitution of artistic works.

E-mail: stanislav.bohacik@famu.cz
Phone: +420 234 244 303