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Three databases collection provides:

  • detailed films information
  • film industry personalities information
  • current publications related to film scholarship

Collection Overview

1. AFI Catalog (produced by the American Film Institute, AFI) is the US national filmography documenting the history of American cinema. Cataloguing currently covers the years 1893-1993 comprehensively, with additional records covering selected major films since 1994. The Film Records contain synopsis, cast and crew information, production details, list of references etc. Film Record example (PDF)

2. Film Index International (produced by the British Film Institute, BFI) focuses on entertainment films and personalities from over 170 countries. The Film records contain detailed film information including searchable plot summaries, full cast and crew lists, year of release and production information. Credits, awards and a synopsis are also included.

3. International Index to Film Periodicals Database is brought together by the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF). It contains over 800,000 article citations from more than 345 periodicals, dating from 1972 onward. Over 70 journals are available in full text. The selected FIAF journals not included in EBSCO database: Film, Fashion & ConsumptionHistorical Journal of Film, Radio and TelevisionLiterature/Film Quarterly and many others. The FIAF journal list. FIAF and EBSCO databases complement each other. There are some journals in both of them but with different coverage of volumes or issues.

Search Tips

It is possible to search all the databases at the same time or choose the specific catalog and limit searching either for journal articles (FIAF) or films (AFI Catalog for American movies, Film Index International for films from other countries).

Articles and other sources can be saved into a personal folder. It is possible to print, send etc.

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